Against Evil, releases new explosive single “Give Em Hell”

Against Evil, the powerhouse heavy metal quartet from India, is gearing up to unleash their latest sonic assault with the…

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Canada’s Tech Death Pioneers Derelict, announce their album “Versus Entropy”

After a twelve-year hiatus since their last full-length release, Montréal, Canada’s Derelict, pioneers of brutal melodic technical death metal, are…

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Vendetta Love release stunning new single “Glue”

Irish Hard Rockers, Vendetta Love continue their rise with another stand-alone single that packs a serious punch! Never a band to…

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Atavistia announce new Ep “Inane Ducam”

Fresh off of their recent European tour with SKÁLMÖLD and SEVEN SPIRES, Vancouver-based blackened symphonic metal outfit ATAVISTIA will release…

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Monkey Intrusion releases the debut album “Pussycats and Monkeymen”

Brace yourself for an immersive rock music journey. The italian rock Band Monkey Intrusion releases their debut Album ‘Pussycats and…

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Omnivortex released a music video for “Harbingers of Cosmic Death”

Mooch drops Electrifying single “Hangtime” with Live Performance Video

Ancient Entities unleashes video for “Pierced By Obsidian”

Age of Emergence unveils “The All Seeing Eye Part 1” EP and “Gods Can’t Allow” music video

Gogo – “Big Cat Eyes” [Self Released]

Bartertown – “Fire on the Lighthouse” [Self Released]

Rock the Apocalypse – “Rock the Apocalypse” [Self Released]

Tainted Ink – “PWYSTM” [Self Released]

S’ain’t Anthony – “Phantom X” [Self Released]