HOLY SHiRE, releases the third album “Invincible”

HOLY SHiRE, released their third album named “Invincible”, distributed on digital platforms by Ghost Record Label. The album follows the second work “The Legendary Shepheds of the Forest”, after 6 years. Composed and produced by the new lineup that stabilized in the post-pandemic years, it was recorded and mixed by Frank Altare (Orion Recording Studios), mastered by Riccardo Parenti (Elephant Mastering) and features 10 new songs and a symphonic outro. The release of the album will be preceded by the first single “M9” (June 20) along with the first video (lyric) and presented live at Rock on the Road in Desio (MB). After the summer the second single “The Seduction of Hollowness” will be released with the video shot by the prestigious Milan Film School “Luchino Visconti”. HOLY SHiRE’s new album presents the melodic imprint of previous works, but with a greater openness to nu metal sounds, the characteristic presence of the flute played by Kima and two female singers(Aeon – dragon vocals and Julie – Unicorn Vocals) and lyrics linked to the fantasy world, with Tolkien as the main source of inspiration. The cover was designed by theMaxx (drums), as in the previous two albums.


1 – Misty
2 – Dagon
3 – Dragonfly
4 – Voice Of Reason
5 – Waves Of Misery
6 – The Cathedral
7 – Black Thorn
8 – The Seduction of Hollowness
9 – Dream of You
10 – M9
11 – Farewell

The album opens with the march of the dwarves of “Misty”, the band’s first homage to “the Hobbit” by Tolkien, and then slip into the nightmare of the dark Lovecraftian “Dagon”, you come back to light with “Dragonfly”, where the flute describes the flight of the tiny magical winged creature, “Voice of Reason” with energy leads the listener into the world of “The Witcher”, and then lands on the shores of the ballad “Waves of Misery”, one of the singles, which tells the painful story of the little mermaid. “The Cathedral” opens the doors to a dream where a mysterious toymaker fulfills every wish, and back in the Tolkienian world with Black Thorn inspired by one of the most poignant love stories of “The Silmarillion” and, another single, “The Seduction of Hollowness” that sinuously as Grima of “The Lord of the Rings” hypnotizes with the magic of flute vaults. Based on this song, a video was shot with the prestigious Civic
School of Cinema “Luchino Visconti” in Milan, the result of the wonderful collaboration with the students of the third year, work that will be presented in autumn. “Dream of you” is the sweet and acoustic prelude to the first single of the album “M9”, the most aggressive and metal song of the Whole work that tells the monstrous transformation of beautiful Medusa, whose release on June 20 is accompanied by the lyric video edited by Roberto del Piccolo, where ethereal Julie plays the beautiful and deadly gorgon. The work ends with a brief orchestral digression, almost Tim Burton Style, of the theme of “Misty”.

Line up:

Aeon Erika Ferraris dragon vocals
Julie Giulia Fiore unicorn vocals
Kima Chiara Brusa flute
Tia Mattia Stilo guitar
Ste Stefano Zuccala guitar
Leo Leonardo Sganga bass
theMaxx Massimo Pianta drums

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