Italians Interlude Of Clarity bring female melodic nu metal back to the top, packing a really good album in every respect. This debut simply titled “Reflections” is released by the No Reentry Records label, it is on all digital platforms and the physical format will be available soon. Anticipated by the singles “Chains” and “Soldiers in Line”, “Reflections” is the essence of Interlude Of Clarity, a band born in 2021 thanks to the bond between singer Gabriella Pagano and guitarist Sara Acquafredda.

The production is immediately striking, very powerful, clear and in full nu metal style, with the guitars lowered in tuning that underline the heavier phases of the album which act as a counterpart to the melodic voice of Gabriella Pagano. Then we have three or four songs where the band experiments with almost industrial elements and full of electronic phases.

These elements, however, will be somewhat present in all the songs and will determine the success of a product that certainly looks to the nu metal of about twenty years ago, but which tries to keep up with you on the trends of the moment, proposing itself as a very valid album born precisely in 2023.