LA-based noise duo GHXST release their debut full-length record “Admire”

Usually preferring the shorter EP format, this album is meant as a celebration of an over-a-decade long journey as a band.
Having formed in the New York underground alongside bands like Salem and White Ring, GHXST has grown up and moved west – but they haven’t lost the moody, existential doom that has been a signature of their sound for so long.
The album’s two singles ‘Pls, You Must Be a Dream’ and ‘Marry the Night’ are metal-tinged and hypnotic, while “Sonores” and “Only Lovers” showcase a new, more intimate side of the band. “Ténéré” is a standout desert blues track and ‘Summerbliss’ anchors the album as a high-energy, nostalgic track reminiscent of their earlier days. Interspersed are fragmented film quotes from Korean gangster movies.
The album features ten tracks written and recorded in California, and it was mixed by long-time collaborator and producer James Aparicio (Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Spiritualized, Liars).
‘Admire’ is a soundtrack-worthy and gloomy hidden gem.


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