Lilyum, the new album “We Are Disobedience” coming soon. First single online

The new album by the historic Turin black metallers Lilyum, entitled “We Are Disobedience”, will be released on November 21, 2023 in both physical and digital formats. Broken Bones Promotion will produce the physical format of this release, while the digital format will be managed by Ghost Record Label and Crashsound Distribution. Join This Order releases & propaganda also collaborated on this release. Kosmos Reversum, guitarist and original member of the band declares: “This is Lilyum’s most violent and intense album, thanks also to the entry of the new drummer Summum Algor (historic drummer of Adversam and many others). In this new album (the ninth, incredible!), we pushed ourselves further in terms of violence, speed and emotional intensity, and our usual black metal embraced death metal territories, for an uncompromising result! This is due to the respect we have for our fans and for our desire to improve ourselves further, after more than 20 years of activity”.


The pre-order for the digital format is already active at this link:

The pre-order for the physical format is already active at this link: (pro-cd glass master, jewel case, limited to 300 copies): brokenbonespromotion@libero.it

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