Manchester art-rock Weimar present the single and video for “Heaven on High Street East”

Manchester art-rock quartet WEIMAR present the single and video for ‘Heaven on High Street East’. A lush prog indie-folk ballad, this is a Kitchen Sink Drama exploring abusive relationships in suburbia, and the vapid existence of the perpetrators of domestic abuse. Frontman AIDAN CROSS says, “This song also specifically explores the contrast between real life and the sanitized, sugar-coated and idealized version of reality depicted on social media, and how this is used to intensify the psychological torment and gaslighting prevalent in abusive relationships”.

With references ranging from fellow Mancunian band Magazine to Wall of Voodoo, The Divine Comedy and Momus, Weimar make unique unmistakable and unmissable music. Their debut album ‘Dancing On A Volcano’ is out now via German Shepherd Records.

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