Quiet River – “Echo Chamber” [Self Released]

Quiet River is an Italian one man band that offers a very interesting mix of genres, in particular we have the instrumental section which is very reminiscent of classic metal like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, especially for the use of guitars, very clean and melodic, then we have almost surprisingly, a voice that goes in the opposite direction.

There is no melody in the voice, as everything is expressed with scream/harsh vocals that leave you speechless at first glance with the album in question, but which over time will become the peculiarity of this album. Quiet River therefore tries to reinvent metal, somewhat imitating the title of a famous Pantera album, namely “Reinventing The Steel”, proposing something unique and recognisable. There are even nods to folk metal, something that brings into question both the Finntrolls and certain Grave Diggers, and the Irish or Scottish aura also seems to hover in this “Echo Chamber”.

In reality this project remains a bit enigmatic, starting from the little photographic material present on the internet, and the music also remains a bit of a mystery, because it is courageous, but also anti-commercial from every point of view, not so much because it is extreme, but because it tries to unite worlds that are very distant from each other. In any case, all this could be a source of interest for many and it was for us too, as we love bands that are a little out of the ordinary, and Quiet River certainly is!

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