“Resurrection”, Moonreflex’s new album out now

Out on the main digital stores “Resurrection”, Mooreflex’s second album.
From the union between the two components comes the total and innovative fusion, in life and in music, which generated the MOONREFLEX phenomenon: an explosion of thrash metal songs and rock ballads, capable of containing in each note different souls and atmospheres, always at ‘avant-garde and constantly evolving: they defined us as “deservingly courageous artists” “eclectic, experimental and avant-garde” “a time bomb” both for the vocal performances, always unpredictable, and for the sounds used, always new, refined, but above all for the Positive Energy that distinguishes us: “distinguishing ourselves and doing what we love is our mission, in life and above all with our music, which aims to be expressive, experimental, innovative and creative in all its forms (vocal, instrumental and artistic).
An adrenal, creative, free and multiform voice, capable of passing from clean to scream to flow on the distorted and futuristic sounds that have determined the peculiarity of the Moonreflex project: technique and passion in its purest state, a combo totally out of the box and out of any ordinary convention.

Our independent and unprecedented project aims to spread ideals against violence, loves to sensitize the community through music on themes of peace, focused on respect for life and for one’s planet: for this reason we collaborate with various relevant associations, which they fight at the forefront for the same themes: music is an important vehicle, an incomparable and extremely important art form, a source of inspiration for positive ideals: Moonreflex is also this.

Line up:
Jennifer Tarentini – Voice/ songwriter/write strategist
Giuseppe Daggiano – electric guitar / bass / drums

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