Sviet Margot – “Into The Badlands” [Self Released]

Into The Badlands probably represents the definitive consecration album for Sviet Margot, an album in which it is difficult to find faults, honestly. The band has an originality that many “big names” dream of, it has an impressive technical background, and all this is exploited to give the listener thirteen very varied and inspired songs, where a little bit of everything happens.

We go from alternative metal to japan rock, rock contaminated by electronics, melancholy ballads and more. Having an extraordinary singer like Tiziana Giudici in training allows the band to raise the technical and emotional rate to the nth degree.

This singer feels that she has studied, because there are moments in which she seems to want to express herself as a soprano and then there are other moments in which she wears the clothes of the rock girl and scratches like a cat with her voice (the title track and “All I Need” are a prime example of this, in terms of power).

This is a fantastic album, to say the least, that manages to keep the listener’s attention high for all thirteen songs. Never a drop in quality, never a filler… What are you waiting for to buy it?

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