Twisted – “Godspeed” [Self Released]

Italians Twisted take us directly back in time and more precisely in the time period of hard rock/glam metal. When you put this “Godspeed” into your music player you won’t be able to believe your ears: an album like this cannot be released in 2022! And yet it is exactly so. adopting the lesson of bands like Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue and Tigertailz, Twisted hit hard for about three quarters of an hour and showed no sign of letting go.

This imagery of Harley Davidson-style motorcycles, pimping choirs and very rhythmic and singable songs is what this band does best and in this context they splash around like happy fish! Starting from the first track, “Godspeed” will open up a world that for many minutes will make you forget the depression of our times and will make you want to dance to the sound of rock again! However, the musicians in question are all very good and manage to be very convincing in what they do, one feels that theirs is not a masquerade, but a real need to return to the roots of a certain type of rock and roll …

I’m just saying that this type of music, despite the almost last forty years of taking everything to extremes, serves to bring us back down to earth, regardless of whether we like this specific type of metal or not. But simplicity often pays off more than many other more “intellectual” things and here you will find only things that are simple but done to perfection. You are ready? So start your engines and blast this “Godspeed”.

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