Deniz Yildiz – “Lonely Life” [Self Released]

Deniz Yildiz, a Turkish guitarist, arranger, and composer, was born in Antalya on April 15, 1994. His musical journey began at the young age of seven with the guitar. Yildiz honed his skills at the Mediterranean University, specializing in Fine Arts and Music.

Drawing inspiration from legendary guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen and bands like Scorpions, Yildiz strives to create a modern sound with a foundation in the iconic music of the 80s. His compositions weave classic influences with contemporary flair. In 2022, he released two singles, “I’ll Lead My Life” and “Back To The Ocean,” showcasing his unique approach.

Yildiz’s talent has garnered recognition beyond his native Turkey. In 2016, he triumphed in the Riffwars Hard Rock Hall of Fame challenge on Instagram. His impressive skills further materialized in 2023 when he shared the stage with Mark Boals, former vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen, and Felix Lehrmann, drummer for Sarah Connor and Martin Miller, during two live performances in Turkey.

“Lonely Life”, the new single, offers a listener and engaging , well enhanced by more marked grafts that give dynamics to the whole journey. The general sound is fluid, dinamic, with a redundant scratchy of sounds that amplify and enhance the atmosphere. A job well done to leave a good mark with the intent, in our opinion, successful to make the piece dynamic and ringing as a whole.

Deniz Yildiz , proved to be prepared to create dynamic structures, without renouncing more powerfull riffs, which undoubtedly leave an excellent mark. A song that drags the listener into a dimension with a remarkable sound impact and which releases excellent vibrations.

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