Docker’s Guild – “The Mystic Technocracy – Season 2: The Age of Entropy” [Elevate Records]

Docker’s Guild are the creation of Douglas Docker, a truly talented musician, also because we are talking about a multi-instrumentalist. To make this album, however, Douglas made use of other guests, some of them very famous to create a truly ambitious prog-rock work, with an intriguing and complex science-fiction themed lyrical concept.

The most amazing thing about this album is its chameleonic nature. On a prog rock and hard rock base, songs that sometimes touch genres such as psychedelia, jazz and more fit together. Everything has been assembled with incredible naturalness, and despite these important variations in the tracklist, one never gets the feeling that the songs are messy pieces of a puzzle, but instead everything fits together perfectly.

Therefore it is useless to underline the purely technical aspect: every musician involved in this real sonic journey has technical skills to spare and the product in question almost manages to turn out to be a small masterpiece of its kind. Prog lovers, don’t miss this album, you won’t be disappointed.

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