Headspawn unleashes weight and groove on long-awaited live EP

The Brazilian Groove Metal band from Joao Pessoa/Paraiba, HEADSPAWN, recently released on all streaming platforms (audio and video) on April 1 – and it was not an April’s fool – their brand new EP recorded live, but without an audiende due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic at the time, “Pretty Ugly People Live”. With audio production once again by Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaço, Forahneo, Omago) and video recording by Jobson Andrade, the band energetically and cohesively simulated what would come later when the live shows return for real.

With “Pretty Ugly People Live”, HEADSPAWN has been receiving many compliments from musicians and journalists from the specialized rock/metal media with each single released monthly from “Pretty Ugly People Live”, such as Jairo Guedz (The Troops Of Doom, ex-Sepultura), Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus), Leandro Cacoilo (Viper, Caravellus), Marco Nunes (Chaosfear), Johnny Moraes (Hevilan, ex-Warrel Dane), Raphael Olmos (Kamala), Ricardo Batalha (Roadie Crew), Tiago Mansur (Metal Mania Beer & Friends), Johnny Z. (Metal Na Lata), Emerson Mordien (Heavy Metal Online), among many others.

That the Brazilian Northeast has been producing great Rock/Metal bands in the last three decades is no secret or news for anyone, and the Power Trio from Joao Pessoa (Paraiba) HEADSPAWN is a great example of this! “Pretty Ugly People”, their debut EP, released this year on all streaming platforms, features 4 vigorous author tracks full of groove, weight, energy, melody, harmony and a whole lot of punch with no frills or labels. Covering themes such as schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic national political scene, their sound captures furiously and melancholically several influences from renowned bands, such as the power and heaviness of Sepultura, Machine Head and Slipknot, combined with harmonies reminiscing of Alice In Chains and Stone Sour. At the moment, the trio is in pre-production for their full long-awaited album, which will feature 8 completely new tracks and is expected to be released this year.

Alf Cantalice – Vocals/Guitars
J.P. Cordeiro – Bass
Marconi Jr. – Drums

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