The Great Divide – “Higher” [Self Released]

The Great Divide are a roman hard rock band that delivers their second long-distance work entitled “Higher”. In this album the latest alternative rock and alternative metal trends are skilfully intercepted and then everything is proposed with an excellent sound performance and with beautiful voice melodies by Mauro Pala, who offers a rough and melodic performance at the same time.

It is precisely starting from this vocal setting that we get to understand the two sides of this album: on the one hand we bring back some periods in which grunge and post-grunge dictated the law, on the other we have some songs that prefer to take full advantage of the melodic verve . But in general we have a lot of effective and very powerful songs, with excellent guitar riffs and an inspiration that never fades throughout the ten episodes that make up the album. Songs like “Speed”, “No Doubt” and “Broadway” open the album in the best way, with so much power and inspiration, and then the road appears to be downhill for this band, because they follow these guidelines roughly, but with some more reflective pause, as in “Stay” and “Everything is Ruined”, really excellent in their harmonious melody.

Work therefore promoted with full marks, this “Higher”, because each song is a small chest of emotions and because we are talking about a product that seems sincere and made with the soul.

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