Wroht – “Ephemeral Distortion” [Self Released]

“Ephemeral Distortion” speaks to the human tendency to try and control everything around us, and the ultimate futility of such efforts. The lyrics encourage listeners to let go of their desperate need for control and to instead embrace the natural flow of existence. With the repeated refrain of “let go and be,” the song inspires listeners to relinquish their tightened grasp and find peace in the ephemeral nature of life. Overall, “Ephemeral Distortion” is a standout track that showcases the best of what Wroht has to offer. Its powerful lyrics and catchy grooves are sure to resonate with fans of the metal genre and beyond.

Body and sound depth that blend perfectly with a good dose of fluidity and an intense sound impact are the main details that make listening pleasant. The sharp guitars blend well with a voice that roughs up the atmosphere thus enhancing the listening. It is not the usual trivial proposal, not even obvious, although the genre is now full of more or less valid proposals (and we can certainly put this among the valid ones).

“Ephemeral Distortion” amaze positively for its powerful and energy managing to involve and drag the listener towards dimensions made of intense and positive vibrations.
A clear sign of how the musical underground is still full of interesting proposals, with an eye to not falling into the usual cauldron of trivial ideas.

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