The Multitude, a transglobal music project

The Multitude are a London-based global progressive-melodic rock project which originated in Bangalore, India. The band’s music involves a complex melange of neo-classical elements layered onto harmonic soundscapes. ‘The Multitude’ is a pluralistic concept of many ordinary people acting in unison, harnessing music and the arts to script alternative worldviews and to freely challenge oppressive, orthodox, unjust and dominating systems. Drawing from this conceptual wellspring, The Multitude aims to fuse a textured musical experience with thought-provoking stimuli and a view to creating a synergy with diverse audiences. The band believes in making meaningful music, breaking conventions and lyrical barriers, and addressing multifaceted globally relevant themes and issues.

Musicwebzine – Hi guys , who are The Multitude ?

The Multitude – The Multitude are a transglobal music project based in London and consisting of Sukhbir Kalsi (vocals), Ashvin Devasundaram (guitars, backing vocals, lyrics and songwriting) alongside an immensely talented ensemble of contributing musicians. Amalgamating diverse styles, the Multitude engage with thought-provoking themes and lyrics that interrogate dominant systems and structures of injustice, discrimination and inequality . The Multitude are signed with Ghost Record Label for the global digital release of our latest album – ‘Reveries in the Magic Hour’. Label profile page: https://www.ghostlabelrecord.com/the-multitude/

Musicwebzine – Tell us about your latest release !

The Multitude – Our latest album – Reveries in the Magic Hour is a varied assortment of tracks which nonetheless fuse together conceptually. We have endeavoured to embrace a range of tonal, lyrical and melodic sensibilities. The album aims to communicate an abstract sense of transcendence from the tedium of contemporary life in a dehumanising digitally-governed and social media-obsessed world whilst simultaneously confronting urgent socio-political issues of the day.

Musicwebzine – What’s your favorite song and why ?

The Multitude – Actually, two favourites – In the Long Wood and Q&A. The first is a homage to our formative years as carefree musicians in Bangalore, India, when we would congregate in the titular glade of banyan trees for impromptu drinking, BBQ and music sessions. This throwback track is about the fleetingness of time in the midst of the whimsical and fast-fading dreams of youth. Q&A is a reflective counterpoint to In the Long Wood. It is about the jadedness that pervades our contemporary lives when there are more questions than answers about why we have reached our rather abject and unethical current individual and global state of existence.We seem to have lost the essence of what it means to be human and to espouse compassionate and humane actions.

Musicwebzine – Which bands influenced your style ?

The Multitude – Our current style is eclectic and fluid – we draw from a melting pot of inspirations, experiences and themes rather than from specific bands.

Musicwebzine – How many stile we can listen in your music ?

The Multitude – A spectrum ranging from classical music, folk, and 80s darkwave to progressive rock with intersperions of heavy/thrash metal.

Musicwebzine – What about the cover ?

The Multitude – The cover depicts a contemplative and magical moment captured at twilight in a desert in the Middle East. It is an apt reflection of the album title – Reveries in the Magic Hour – which indicates the liminal time when ideas and thoughts seem to flow with heightened lucidity and boundlessness.

Musicwebzine – How is the music scene in your country ?

The Multitude – It is difficult for creators of alternative and experimental modes and styles of music, no matter where one is based. In London, the progressive rock scene is far from its heady days of the previous century. Globally, progressive rock/metal still relies on an underground following, but this has not thwarted our drive to continue creating original and meaningful music!

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