Alchemia drops the video for “Ashes” and introduces new bass player

“Ashes” is part of the repertoire of the debut “Inception”, released in Europe and Japan by the label Wormholedeath and in Brazil by Shinigami Records.

The horror metal band Alchemia from São Paulo presents the music video for “Ashes”, a track from their debut album, “Inception”, released in the Brazilian market by Shinigami Records and in Europe and Japan by the label Wormholedeath. “‘Ashes’ is a song that talks about getting rid of toxic people, who, in addition to stealing our time, always have some hollow advice but never accomplish anything,” said vocalist Victor Hugo Piiroja. “We worked a lot on this material, having special attention to details, from the team, the location to the costumes which, in my case, was developed by the stylist Luisa Clauson and will now be incorporated into our shows, including the first European tour. The costume was inspired by Pinhead, from the classic ‘Hellraiser’, and the character from the game Assassin’s Creed, which I’m a big fan of”, detailed Piiroja.

As in previous works, the clip was directed and edited by Xtudo Obze, who worked on the premises of the Libertà studio (SP). “The location made it possible to use chroma key, which greatly expanded our creative possibilities. We also had the makeup artist Meinside Makeup and the presence of the dancer Daphne Faria, who made exceptional participation, and the photographer Edu Lawless, who also made the new official photos of the band”, detailed the founder of Alchemia.

The clip marks the debut of bassist G. Morazza with the band. Morazza graduated from the Conservatory of Tatuí/ (SP) and has accompanied great artists in different musical genres, such as Supla, Priscilla Alcântara, Yudi Tamashiro, Stanley Swann, and Mike Kerr, among others. He recorded the album “The Fire” (Mike Kerr) and was a member of Vikram, with which he participated with compositions and recorded the first album. In addition, he has a vast career as a teacher and is the author of “The Digitizing Book” material with over 1000 hand-eye coordination exercises. “When I received the invitation to join Alchemia, I was really excited because I had already recorded the bass lines for the entire album in the studio and I realized that there was something different about their sound. It brings to the listener different colors, they are not randomly played notes, but something well thought out. We’ve made history, I think we created our own style”, analyzed G. Morazza, who will make his stage debut with the band on July 22 at Bar Opinion, in Porto Alegre (RS), next to HIBRIA and It’s All Red. “This is the debut show of the ‘Inception Tour 2022/2023’, which will pass through several cities in Brazil, and Latin American countries, in addition to the first part of the European tour this year and, in 2023, in the second part, with shows in Europe and Asia.

Tickets with the ‘double pack’ promotion (valid for two tickets for the price of one) for the show at Bar Opinião, in Porto Alegre (RS), alongside HIBRIA and It’s All Red can be purchased at bit.ly/hibria-poa

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