Innovative creation by means of the fusion of an excellent metal, with many other influences in a single scenario that is difficult to label, with the voice as the only human element against the background of an entirely naked and raw instrumental set up. We are talking about the Italians Bioscrape and their newalbum “Hell Or Reality”.

What comes out is a sharp and energetic metal, which without half measures enters your head like a speeding train. While listening, full-bodied and intense sounds can be appreciated, well supported by a vocal line that enhances its potential and at the same time the qualities of the band. The progress of the disc is varied and original, with openings of sound that prove to be a good variant, managing to generate a glimmer of light in this almost gloomy, but not at all ugly, atmosphere.

An overall sound that turns out to be a godsend because in this kind of metal scenario often and willingly stereotyped proposals are the order of the day and listen to something like “Hell Or Reality”, is always a pleasure.

A synergy proven in more than one circumstance by means of songs where almost sudden tempo changes excel and which prove to be an excellent solution for conferring dynamics and speed.
The release of “Hell Or Reality” confirms how much good the band has managed to do up to now without setting limits and without going behind the commercial current.