Niamh, the power of Metalcore

Niamh are an Italian band that plays a powerful Electro Metalcore. They have two albums, several singles, as many videos and a series of lives both in Italy and abroad. The last of which was in Russia before COVID19 made its entrance.

MWZ: Hi guys welcome to Musicwebzine ! Tell us something about the band?
Hello, this is Mike, the singer; what can I say, nothing nice comes to my mind but we all are kind people. It’s 20 years we are around the scene, I have played almost everywhere and I am annoying as I am vegan. Tommy, the guitar player, hardly speaks and believe me, it’s better. Mateja is on the other hand full of funny stories, he listens to horrible music and after the concerts he is usually fucked up. Carlos is easy to recognize, he always wears his cowboy hat, he is a patient guy, a thing necessary to keep up with the rest of us!

MWZ: How would you define your sound?
We have a modern sound inspired by great metal bands like Deftones, In Flames, Devin Townsend, mixed with synth and electronics, thanks also to the work with the guys of Jobbe3.14 Soundesign studio.

MWZ: “Supersonic” is your new album what about the lyrics and the main differences from “Corax” ?
About the lyrics, many things influenced me, everyday life, sensations, feelings, emotions. I like dealing with the most different things: some are very profound like Heart Corroded or Siberian, others are full of irony like in Black Metal Boy: “Coming out from Sephora, happy with your brand new make up…”
About the new album, I’d say it’s more extreme in every sense, hard to label in only one genre. We dared experimenting more, also including a cover of Something in the Way by Nirvana and a techno-trance remix of our first single of the album, this may really blow the head of the average heavy metal listener.

MWZ: Are you satisfied with your new album? or you would have liked to change something?
I think there will be always something that make you say “oh, maybe it would have been better in another way”, so I think you can’t be satisfied 100%; this doesn’t mean I am not happy with the final result, the sound is full and well mixed together, this also thanks to the guys of the Studio A where we recorded, we are like brothers and they helped us a lot in creating the sound.

MWZ: There is a difference between what you listen to and what you actually play ?
Definitely; we listen to many styles and kind of music, I personally love electronic music, from Depeche Mode to Mad Capsule Market or Atari Teenage Riot. But when it comes to metal, this is what gives me adrenaline and makes me alive. It’s like “I was made to play this”.

MWZ: Trivial question, how much you miss the live ?
Honestly I’m not missing live performances because since the internet arrived at our home, I discovered a new way to share my music, my passion and who I am.
Ok, perfoming live concerts is a really cool thing, where you are able to feel and be part of the crowd at the same time.
But I’m not missing that because I believe in changes, I see change like an opportunity to create something new.
Before #covid19 we were living the same routine every day without thinking “what if the live music will stop?”.
This is what I’m talking about:
BE PART OF THE ACTION, turn changes into chances

MWZ: How is the scene underground on your country ?
It’s hard to understand what happened to the Italian underground scene during these last ten years. The scene went down a lot and the problem mostly concerns the lack of live venues and rehearsal rooms. The drop in interest about live music is very strong.

MWZ: That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Thank you and thank to all the people reading this: do one thing for me, take a listen to SuperSonic. I don’t care how, steal it or whatever.
But do it.

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