Planethard, “Equilibrium”, a sort of milestone

Planethard band is an Italian alternative rock band originally born as hard rock cover band. During their early years Planethard immediately started tourning the best clubs of Northern Italy playing songs from Bon Jovi, G’n’R, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Steelheart, etc.
At the same time they started working on their first EP entitled “So Good“. In the following years, thanks to EP good success, the band played in some important events such as Gotthard’s new album Lipservice release party at Inkubo cafè in Milan.

Planethard started getting credit in Italian rock scene playing on important stages like Alcatraz, Transilvania Live and Indian’s Saloon and above all in national and international events like “Venece Rock Festival” (with Motorhead, Gotthard & Labyrynth) and Tim Tour in Plebiscito Square in Neaples (with Francesco Renga & Elisa)

Musicwebzine – Hi guys, who are Planethard ?
Marco D’Andrea –
Family, friends! We have been played together since long time ago. We really like to stay together, to compose, to arrange, to produce. We have played in a lot of gigs, for example last summer we have done Italian Deep Purple Tour such opening band. We have also played for Europe, Gotthard, Kotzen, Three editions of God of Metal, Scorpions and more.
Alberto Zampolli vocal, Marco D’Andrea Guitars, Andrea Bovolenta Bass, Stefano Arrigoni Drums, here the gang!

Musicwebzine – Tell us about your latest release!
Stefano Arrigoni –
Equilibrium is a sort of milestone for us because is telling about our story, our today and our future. We’ve wrote songs considering who we’ve been and who we are, trying to predict who we’ll be. The result is a mature evolution of the band and we think is also a good base for our future songwriting.

Musicwebzine – What’s your favorite song and why ?
Alberto Zampolli –
It’s kind of difficult to choose a single song because I have many songs that I’m in love with, and each one of them is connected with a particular moment of my life. But if I must choose… Probably I’ll go for ‘Revelations’ from Iron Maiden. For me, it’s a perfect song; it has melody, power, and when I was young, I used to try to play it with my friends.

Musicwebzine – Which bands influenced your style ?
Andrea Bovolenta –
I think that if you listen at all the Planethard albums you can easily see a sort of evolution in the sound. For sure we started being influenced by all historical the hard rock bands but we soon started developing our style, moving more towards metal sounds – maybe similar to Alter Bridge-. And the evolution is still going on.

Musicwebzine – How many stile we can listen in your music ?
Stefano Arrigoni –
Looking back to the ‘00 when we are born, we’ve traveled from classic AOR to the newest metalcore. The result is a rock/hard rock with many influcences from the past and from the present.

Musicwebzine – What about the cover?
Marco D’Andrea –
The cover has been realised by Lele Lutteri, a old friends of us. After a meeting in whitch we have talked a lot about the direction, we have chose to have two door, with two different meanings, Good/Bad, Yin/Yang and so on. The dualism of life. The dualism of human race.

Musicwebzine – How is the music scene in your country
Alberto Zampolli –
We have a lot of people who really know how to play; there’s a lot of talent even in little shows in small bars. That means that there are many musicians who love music and have passion for it, but on the other side, there’s not much space to emerge, and that’s a shame.
Andrea Bovolenta – Unfortunately the covid period heavily affected italian music scene. A lot of pubs and venues that used to organize live shows closed because of the dire straits caused  by pandemic crisis. As a consequence  a lot of bands broke up and this affected in a very negative way all the underground movement (nowadays there are very few places where you can play your own music. You can find most of all cover or tribute bands). Let’s hope that thing will get better soon.

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