Spine Shiver blends sounds from the Americas in its new single

Brazilian southern rockers Spine Shiver released their brand new single “Most Wanted” on all digital platforms. With this new release, the band has decided to combine the sounds of the three Americas in one song. It’s a mixture of 80’s hard rock, folk, classic rock, with hints of flamenco and even baião. With an exciting, entertaining and well-executed sound, “Most Wanted” will also be accompanied by a music video that will premiere at an event at the Galeria do Rock in São Paulo.The song has already won awards at the Itupeva Music Festival in São Paulo and will be the centerpiece of the band’s work until their next release, which is scheduled for the first half of this year.
Listen to “Most Wanted” at: https://tratore.ffm.to/mostwanted

Eli Colt (vocals/guitars) comments on the new single: “We’ve made an irreverent sound, just like rock should be! Unafraid to mix and provoke. This single was about doing something different without losing our identity. We love that storytelling vibe, and in ‘Most Wanted’ we bring up the fight for freedom, for irreverence, but make it clear that everything has to be balanced. People will have to watch the music video, which drops on the 28th of this month, to fully understand what we mean by the lyrics.”Exploring themes of freedom, adventure and the constant pursuit of attention from authorities and admirers alike, “Most Wanted” focuses on the life of a rebellious character. The lyrics resonate as the story of someone living on the fringes of society, constantly on the prowl, yet equally wanted.
Always emphasizing the duality between fame and infamy, it paints a vivid picture of an individual caught in a world where the line between right and wrong is becoming increasingly blurred.Formed in 2018 in Itupeva, São Paulo, Spine Shiver recently made history by being the first rock band to perform in the São Paulo City Hall’s experimental project called ‘Ruas Abertas’ holding their performance in front of Galeria do Rock and being the only one representing the genre at the event.With several singles and a full-length album in their discography titled “The Road” (2020), all critically acclaimed and awarded, the band has a history of success and victories in various awards, festivals and prestigious radio programs, as well as nominations for national and international awards.
Featuring Eli Colt (vocals/guitar), Michael Rock (bass/backing vocals) and Guss Kbello (guitar/backing vocals), the band will introduce their new drummer at the private event at Galeria do Rock on March 28th, while also working on compositions for their second full-length album.

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