A Light Within unveil video for “Terraform”

Post-metal quartet A LIGHT WITHIN have unleashed a new lyric video for “Terraform”. Comprised of progressive percussion, contrapuntal melodies and distortion-fueled choruses, the new offering ebbs and flows through contrasting dynamics.

The band comments:

“Typically I try to be very metaphorical with my lyrics with an aim to be able to connect with a broader audience as listeners can interpret phrases in different ways and ideas that relate to them. Although in this track, I strayed from my norm and went with more of a direct message. Many of us have our addictions, and once we self-evaluate, it’s never too late to rebuild or (Terraform) our personal world/life into something more habitable.”

Residing in Kansas City, MO, A LIGHT WITHIN debuted their first EP, Preface, in 2013, followed by Body Matter in 2015 and the critically acclaimed Epilogue in 2018. 2022 saw the band grow with the demo single release “Terraform”, kicking off a new era of singles offerings as they work their way to a full-length album.

A Light Within is:
Kyle Brandt: Vocals/Keys/Production
Jeff Irvine: Guitar
Josh Bennett: Bass
Nick Sloan: Drums

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