Existentia unleashes new single “Echoes of the Sun”


EXISTENTIA, the Technical Death Metal trio hailing from Philadelphia, PA, is thrilled to announce the release of their new single, “Echoes of the Sun.” Known for their unique blend of old school death metal atmospheres with relentless technical prowess, EXISTENTIA has been a notable force in the metal scene since their inception during the tumultuous times of 2019. This latest release continues to showcase their exceptional ability to fuse life’s raw brutality and emotional intensity into their music.

“Echoes of the Sun” is available now on all major music platforms:
Spotify: Listen Here
Bandcamp: Listen Here
YouTube: Watch Here
Formed by Ross Huber (guitar), Jacob Nunn (vocals/drums), and the newest member Ryan Moll (bass/live backing vocals), EXISTENTIA embarked on their musical journey with the aim to explore and express the existential dilemmas faced by humanity. Drawing inspiration from life, existence, and political struggles, the band has consistently delivered music that resonates with those who seek meaning in an irrational world.

“Echoes of the Sun” is a testament to the band’s creative vision, featuring a fast-paced, in-your-face track that culminates in an epic apocalyptic closing. According to the band, the song is “a relentless and epic journey that delivers everything fans of modern death metal crave.”

The single, written and recorded in 2022 as part of a full-length project, was chosen for release to coincide with the 2024 solar eclipse an event surrounded by discussions on NASA, CERN, the rapture, and more. Thematically, “Echoes of the Sun” explores a comical yet dark narrative of humanity’s war against the sun, showcasing EXISTENTIA’s flair for blending intense music with thought-provoking lyrics.

Over the years, EXISTENTIA has shared the stage with notable bands such as HATH, COGNITIVE, FLUB, WEEDEATER, and ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, earning a reputation for their electrifying live performances. With a rich history that includes members from bands like YOUNG GRAVES, IN THE FIRE, TFD, and POLEMICIST, EXISTENTIA brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the death metal genre.

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