Ancient Entities unleashes video for “Pierced By Obsidian”

Ancient Entities, from Milwaukee, USA is a powerhouse ensemble of seasoned musicians, Alex Rausa, Bernardo Mendia, Jake Falk, Luke Veranth, and Brian Gulliford, who are now proudly announcing the release of their highly anticipated debut death metal album, “Echoes of Annihilation” on June 21, 2024. Coupled with this announcement, they are also unveiling the lyric video for their hard-hitting single “Pierced by Obsidian”. And that’s not all, they are also performing at Milwaukee Metal Fest in May. They share what festival attendees can expect:

“I can say we definitely hold our own against bands we share the stage with. We respect everyone but we aren’t ones to bow our heads cause someone has been around longer than us. We can’t say that we offer anything more than any other band that graces that stage but we can certainly tell you the floor will be moving when we go on.”

The journey to “Echoes of Annihilation” began as an idea by guitarist Rausa in January 2021. The band’s evolution saw them refine their sound and solidify their lineup, culminating in their debut show in December of the same year. Since then, Ancient Entities has been on a mission to transport listeners back to ancient times, immersing them in the rich tapestry of history through their powerful music.

Punishing death metal awaits those who dig into the single or are lucky enough to catch Ancient Entities live at Milwaukee Metal Fest on May 17th at The Rave – info. The band is also doing a merch giveaway with Milwaukee Metal Fest that can be entered at the following link – https://gleam.io/emBLy/ancient-entities-album-merch-giveaway.

Recommended for fans of Necrophagist, Decapitated, and Blood Red Throne, Ancient Entities’ single “Pierced by Obsidian” can be heard via its lyric video premiere on The Circle Pit at https://youtu.be/nenzblJ9-Yg

Digital – https://linktr.ee/Anciententities

Due out on June 21, 2024, album pre-order for “Echoes of Annihilation” is available at https://anciententities.bandcamp.com and https://anciententities.bigcartel.com.

Track Listing:
1. Cenote Sagrado (1:21)
2. Empire In Ashes (4:19)
3. Creatures From The Sand (3:42)
4. Blood Upon Stone (3:16)
5. Ritual Autopsy (4:43)
6. Hidden (3:53)
7. Pierced by Obsidian (4:08)
8. Wall of War (4:28)
9. Damnatio Ad Flammas (3:24)
Album Length: 32:18

Album Recording Lineup:
Alex Rausa – Guitar
Bernardo Mendia – Drums
Cole Daniels – Bass
Brian Gulliford – Vocals
Jake Falk – Guitar

Live Band Lineup:
Alex Rausa – Guitar
Bernardo Mendia – Drums
Luke Veranth – Bass
Brian Gulliford – Vocals
Jake Falk – Guitar

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