Mooch drops Electrifying single “Hangtime” with Live Performance Video

Today marks the release of “Hangtime,” the latest single from the heavy psychedelic rock trio MOOCH, off their upcoming album Visions. Accompanying the launch of this powerful track is a live performance video that captures the raw energy and immense talent of the band. Watch the video HERE

“Hangtime” is a dynamic exploration of uncertainty and future anxieties, characterized by MOOCH’s signature fusion of down-tuned desert rock, ’90s grunge, and ’70s psychedelia. The song starts with a gritty, compelling riff that evolves into a full-blown auditory experience filled with deep, resonant vocals and the complex interplay of guitar and drums that fans have come to expect from MOOCH.The live performance video, filmed during one of the band’s captivating live sessions, showcases the chemistry and intensity of MOOCH’s onstage presence. Recorded under the atmospheric blend of psychedelic lighting and enveloping sound, the video offers a glimpse into what fans can anticipate during the upcoming “Visions Tour 2024.”
MOOCH describes “Hangtime” as a track that “a song written about the feeling of being up in the air, uncertain and worried about the direction of the future. However, even coming from a grey, doom-ridden perspective, one has the potential to touchdown and make an impact.” This release not only teases the depth and diversity of the forthcoming album Visions but also highlights the band’s growth and continued innovation in their music.With the release of “Hangtime,” MOOCH continues to solidify their position in the modern rock scene, promising more immersive experiences with the full release of Visions on May 3, 2024. 
Tour Itinerary:
May 10th: Ottawa at Café Dekcuf
May 11th: Montreal at The Purple Room (Joint Album Release Show with THE HAZYTONES)
May 17th: Toronto at Bovine Sex Club
May 18th: Hamilton at Doors Taco Joint and Metal Bar
May 19th: Barrie at The Poolhaus
May 24th: Fredericton at Broken Record Bar & Music Room
May 25th: Moncton at Xeroz
May 26th: Sydney at St. Patricks
May 27th: Halifax at Rad Storm

With roots in both Montreal and Yellowknife, MOOCH has established themselves as a formidable force in the rock scene, known for their electrifying performances and a unique sound that seamlessly blends the raw edge of rock with captivating melodies and thunderous rhythms.For more information on the tour, ticket sales, and how you can be a part of this unforgettable rock experience, please visit MOOCH’s official website or click this link.Don’t miss your chance to catch MOOCH live in action – a band that continues to redefine the boundaries of rock music with every performance.

MOOCH is a heavy-rolling rock band with a distinctive sound that captivates audiences across Canada and beyond. With members hailing from both Montreal and Yellowknife, the band has forged a unique musical identity, combining hard-hitting rock anthems with compelling lyrics and dynamic performances. Following the release of their latest album Visions, MOOCH is poised to take the music world by storm, solidifying their status as one of Canada’s must-see rock acts.

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