Age of Emergence unveils “The All Seeing Eye Part 1” EP and “Gods Can’t Allow” music video

Age of Emergence, the dynamic force in progressive metal from Newcastle, Australia, has electrified the music scene with the release of their latest EP, The All Seeing Eye Part 1, available worldwide as of April 12. Accompanying this momentous release is the debut of the mesmerising music video for their single, Gods Can’t Allow.

In Gods Can’t Allow, Age of Emergence demonstrates a new dimension of their sound, blending intricate melodies with powerful lyrics that delve into the complexities of modern existence. The band’s ethos shines through as they explore the theme of staying true to oneself amidst the chaos of contemporary society. Vocalist/bassist Dean Holmeselaborated, stating, “The god is inside your mind, you are the master of your own destiny.” This single represents a deliberate effort to infuse accessibility into their signature prog metal style, emphasising infectious hooks and grooves that resonate with listeners on a visceral level.

The music video for Gods Can’t Allow serves as a visual counterpart to the band’s sonic narrative, further immersing audiences in Age of Emergence’s evocative universe.

Age of Emergence is also thrilled to announce The All Seeing Eye Tour, a thrilling journey across the East Coast of Australia to celebrate the release of The All Seeing Eye: Part 1. Embarking on this epic adventure, the band will bring their electrifying stage presence to capital cities and regional areas alike, promising to ignite audiences with their riff-driven prog mastery.

Don’t miss your chance to witness Age of Emergence in their element as they embark on The All Seeing Eye Tour. Prepare to be mesmerised, enthralled, and thoroughly rocked by one of the most exciting acts in contemporary metal music.

The All Seeing Eye: Part 1 is now available for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming on all major platforms.

Age of Emergence are:
Dean Holmes – Bass & Vocals
Matt Neilson – Guitar & Vocals
Adam Clayton – Drums

Age of Emergence formed in the Australian Newcastle region in 2013 by ex-Shambhala members Dean Holmes and Allan Hofer. They teamed up with Order of the Dragon guitarist Matt Neilson. After many free form jam sessions, a set of originals began to take shape. After a year of gigging locally the band recorded their first EP in 2017 “Plea for a Dying World” and continued to gig regularly in the Newcastle and Sydney areas to good responses from the local metal scene. In 2020 the band released their follow-up EP “The War Within Ourselves “ with new drummer Benn Baxter and planned an extensive east coast tour but then the COVID pandemic struck putting plans on hold.
The band finally completed their first tour in 2022 playing Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Bathurst , Wollongong etc and then continued developing new material for their current release “The All Seeing Eye:Part 1”, with their latest new drummer Adam Clayton on the skins, which will be released on April 12, 2024.

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