Bioscrape, revealed cover and trackslit of “Hell Or Reality” new album

Bioscrape unveil the cover and the tracklist of the new album “Hell Or Reality” which is scheduled for release on Sunday 19th June. The nine-track album is anticipated by the release of two singles “Obedience” and “Global Masquerade” available digitally via The Orchad [By Sony] and on the Sony catalog and of which the band has made two videos available on the youtube channel of the label and on the band’s youtube channel.
“Hell Or Reality” recorded at Real Sound Studio in Langhirano (PR), will be distributed digitally via The Orchad [By Sony] and in physical format in our stores and in that of Crashsound Distribution.

  1. Post Empathy
  2. War of Illusions
  3. Obedience
  4. My Venom
  5. Slaves of a Synthetic God
  6. Unscarred
  7. Global Masquerade
  8. Sin of Conformity
  9. Infodemic

Concept Album

“Hell or Reality” its about the abuse, dependence and subjection to digital devices and social media, the effects they have on people’s psychology and the distortion of reality that is generated through these means of communication.

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