Ella Fence releases new single “Firefly”, out now on Archangel Records

ELLA FENCE releases new single ‘Firefly‘, out now on Archangel Records. 

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ehx6rg5MvA

Firefly‘ is the latest single by Australian alt rocker Ella Fence and it is out now via Archangel Records, subsidy of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group

It is no mystery that Australian singer songwriter Ella Fence has focused her new music on a “tougher” sound of late. Since signing an international deal with Golden Robot Records’ sister label Archangel, a company that has muscle in badass rock, Ella had been exploring and scoping out a meaner leaner genre. 
Only a month or two after putting the finishing touches on her new rock record, Ella thought she’d decompress from the rigors or recording. Ella  (after a productive but arduous studio process) decided to unwind in the nearby prehistoric splendor of the sub tropical rainforests of the ‘Scenic Rim’. This breathtaking wilderness is only 90 minutes from Ella’s hometown of Brisbane, so along with the good fortune of close proximity to home, Ella also had a series of live residency shows at a local hotel perched below of the Scenic Rim mountains. The alignment between nature and music was all very serendipitous. 
The evening prior to Ella’s first show, she went for a bush walk at one of the many trails that traverse the hinterland. While resting at a nearby creek, Ella unexpectedly witnessed her own personal light show. Ella soon realised she was momentarily caught in a luminous and spectacular display of gathering fireflies.

Ella returned to her lodgings breathless at the beauty that had unfolded minutes earlier before her. Ella grabbed her guitar and inspired by this amazing experience, began playing a tune. Soon a transcendent vocal melody accompanied her strumming. This was the genesis of Ella’s new release ‘Firefly’.

The song came to life in an impulsive moment amongst the ‘Scenic Rim’s’ wildlife. This atmospheric tune morphed into a cool groove straight out of UK’s Trip Hop era, a style made famous by Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Radiohead. ‘Firefly‘ whirls with hypnotic vocals, Ella’s renowned voice capturing a sublime musical voyage. A downbeat slow tempo trip that elevates your mind. 

Ella sent ‘Firefly’ to her American producer Scott Campbell whose credits include Alanis Morissette, Katy Perry, Stevie Nicks and now Ella Fence. Together they added synth, keys, drums, bass guitar and sprinkles of magic stardust, weaving the song into an extraordinarily inspiring tune; further enhancing the track’s daydream feel.

 While Ella’s recent body of work is in keeping with her “fast lane” persona, ‘Firefly’ is a temporary sonic detour, a musical scenic route that winds along the Lo fi forest “fire trail”. ‘Firefly’ is an extraordinary song, a gorgeous portrait of isolation. A song that took flight in the fusion of a spellbinding and awe inspiring environment. 

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