Father and son metal duo Trumbiten, are streaming the new EP “Emotions”

Father and son metal duo Trumbiten, are streaming the entirety of their new EP “Emotions” via Sleeping Village Reviews. The EP is set to be released tomorrow.

Listen here: https://www.sleepingvillagereviews.com/premieres/trumbiten-emotions-ep-premiere

Tommy Arngren and his son Adam, in collaboration with session musicians globally, create music that is as varied as the personalities involved in each track. Pulling inspiration from classic thrash, modern progressive and everything in between, the band’s musical arrangements are heavy, up-tempo compositions with driving guitar, bass and drums. Trumbiten defies barriers and crafts a sound that is without time and explanation.

“Thanks to gig-platforms and advances in communication tools, it is possible for independent bands to find, connect and collaborate with professional session musicians globally” says Tommy.

Thriving on this creative explosion and the interconnectedness that technology offers, Trumbiten will release their first original EP “Emotions” on May 14th 2021. This EP is a result from several discussions about emotions, consequences of emotions and how difficult it can be to express inner emotions.

The band comments: “We wanted to put words and music on different aspects of struggling with inner emotions. Also, we engaged three female vocalists that would add their touch and tone on one song each, which would add different voices and extra dimensions to this EP and its theme. At the same time, we wanted each song to convey hope, belief in oneself and to find ways to cope with it.”

Trumbiten’s trajectory and penchant for collaboration and innovation means there will be no shortage of material as time goes on. Get ready to be taken by the new creative wave of heavy metal that is Trumbiten.

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