The Finnish industrial rock act The Fair Attempts release new song “Dark Star

As the days grow shorter and the darkness takes hold, The Fair Attempts releases the second single, “Dark Star,” from their upcoming album. The embracing touch of the moody synths and sharp beats invites you to dance to this new Dark Wave piece.

“There is something special about the Autumn mindset and it resonates with this single.” Says Friendly Timo, the artist behind the song. “I wrote this song to remind me how I tend to poison my mind by harboring negative thoughts and storing them in the corners of my mind. It’s this tragic duality of the human condition. Anything we intend to do has always the dualistic side to it in our psyche, and like a mirror world, it creates monsters inside us that are quite literally killing us.”

Maybe he is right. It’s tempting to slip into to that void. But can you resist its call this time?

“Dark Star” is available now on all major platforms.