In this music video for “Set Me Free”, the band shows the energy on stage by selecting excerpts from some 2022 shows made by the public and some professionals. But the idea was always to privilege videos made by the public, to capture the “live” aura, because the music itself was made live. The clip was made by Diogo Fleury from the band Hellbenders.

The track “Set Me Free” is part of the full album “High Speed”, material that has 12 original tracks and production by Gustavo Vázquez at Rocklab Studio in Anápolis/GO -Brazil. The album shows all the maturity of the band, with a more cohesive, intense and energetic sound with influences from Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Scumbag Millionaire. The band rescues all the essence of Rock n Roll with a modern touch along with the roots of punk rock.