Killing Addiction – “Mind of a New God” [XTREME MUSIC]

Legendary Florida Death Metal band Killing Addiction has announced the release of their second album titled “Mind of a New God”, which will be released on CD, 12 “LP, Cassette and Digital on June 1 via XTREEM MUSIC.
After the death of guitarist and original member Chad Bailey (brother of singer / bassist Pat Bailey) in September 2016, the rest of the members have moved on in his memory. The new album is named after the last song the band wrote with Chad before his passing.

Thirty-five minutes spread over nine tracks for a refined album where power and dynamics go hand in hand to create a remarkable and devastating sonic impact. The energy with which the band expresses their concept of making Death Metal is amazing.
A path full of energy made voluminous and full-bodied by a vocal line that roughens this album even more, which proves to live up to expectations as we proceed towards the finale.
The phrasing of the guitars are intertwined with a technical rhythm section that enhances this truly remarkable album. There are no moments of pause and no moments of more open melodies or sounds.

“Mind of a New God”, it all sounds gloomy, dark, as Death Metal requires and as, we believe, the late Chad Bailey would have liked it to sound.
Killing Addiction hit the mark with a product that will leave no one disappointed, absolutely no one, creating something more unique than rare.


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