Thrilling hard rock with a psychedelic flair is the new offering from MOONLUST. The rock & roll outfit deliver a distortion-fueled, high-speed experience in the new single “Six Years”. 

Thundering percussion, heavy fuzz and powerful vocals bring a party atmosphere with a punk edge. Inspired by HEART and FLEETWOOD MAC, MOONLUST also draw influence from the likes of BLACK SABBATH, COVEN, and THE DEVIL’S BLOOD. With a vintage vibe and charismatic sound, MOONLUST are a force to be reckoned with. 

Initially forming in 2017 in Atlanta, GA, MOONLUST have undergone a number of line-up changes to reach their current form. “Six Years” begins the band’s new chapter, kicking off with a dynamic, high-energy track showcasing MOONLUST’s fiery sound. 

Vocals – Major McNeil
Rhythm/ Lead Guitar – Nick Stovall as the rhythm/lead guitar, 
Lead Guitar/ Keys – Dragon
Bass – Jenny Mac
Drums – Robert Pedroza