nolongeraliveband – “How to Live” [Self Released]

nolongeraliveband (NLA) is a dynamic rock/alternative band that delivers a powerful fusion of captivating melodies and raw energy. Our music explores a range of emotions and experiences, taking you on a sonic journey that’s both electrifying and soul-stirring.

“How to Live”, is a nice proposal, which shows a good technical mastery in the genre to be proposed. Energetic and gritty general sound, with an aggressive and at the same time sharp vocal line. An intense and well-constructed general atmosphere where the dynamics make listening even more compelling and exalting.

“How to Live” involves the listener by dragging him into a suggestive dimension that gives off excellent vibrations through scratchy guitars, which give a remarkable sound impact. nolongeraliveband , certainly has excellent potential to be able to propose original and not at all obvious ideas, surprising the listener in a positive way, managing to give even more a beautiful injection of energy.

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