Numento releases their third and last single from the upcoming album

Helsinki based Progressive Melodic Metal band NUMENTO has released a new single from their upcoming second album to be released on October 28th. The theme of the track “The Vile Entity” as well as the main theme on the whole full length record is about the essence and manifestation of evilness.

Band backgrounds the song:

“The Vile Entity is the title track of Numento’s upcoming second album. The third single introduces the new intensive sound of the band comprehensively and gives an accurate overview of what is going to be expected from the album as a whole. The themes of the album and the title track are built on an enigma about the seed of evil, how does a human or other entity become evil — how are serial killers and other criminals born? The new single will dive right into this question since the antagonist of the story is one of the most famous and cunning serial murderers ever known, and who managed to hide his true face for a long time by appearing innocent to the people around him. The story of the single will be introduced with a visually interesting and thrilling music video.”

Watch the Music video: https://youtu.be/uLvoettdl80

Listen to the song on music services: https://push.fm/fl/numento-the-vile-entity


The origin of Numento dates back to 2004. That year a few schoolmates from eastern Helsinki decided to start playing instruments. And of course before anyone had learned a single chord it felt mandatory to also form a band. A metal band. During the following years the band changed its name a couple times. It wasn’t until late 2010 when the band decided to change its name for the last time. The name Numento was chosen after a long night. The lineup has had few changes after that, but it was that time that the band started to find it’s own sound that you can still recognize in their music.

Katri: Vocals
Atte: Guitars, backing vocals
Aleksi: Guitars
Simo: Bass
Mikko: Drums

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