Dario Leoni sign for Ghost Record, debut album scheduled for May

Dario Leoni in the Ghost Record Label roster with the debut album “L’Ultima Offensiva” which is scheduled for release in May 2024. Dario Leoni will release the first single entitled “La Piccola Gente” digitally on April 18th via Awal – The Orchad – Sony Music.

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LEONI, is the new project by Dario Leoni (a multi-instrumentalist and composer active since 1990, previously with Pounder and since 2002 with VersozerO) alongside Fabio Privitera (an actor and director, known for his role in the musical ‘Dracula Opera Rock’ by P.F.M., and a singer who has previously worked with bands like Bejelit, Aeternal Seprium, Sound Storm, and VersozerO) as the lead vocalist.

LEONI was born out of Dario’s creative urge. He wanted to embark on a solo project where he could handle also the entire instrumental aspect. Drawing from solid roots in Rock and Metal, he aimed to explore diverse sounds and set music to various thoughts that begged to be sung.

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