American indie rocker ROB MUNK presents ‘Amazon’, an upbeat environmentally-conscious banger previewing his ‘Phased Out’ LP (out November 18 via New Jersey’s newMagic Door Label, founded by GUIDED BY VOICES drummer KEVIN MARCH, producer RAY KETCHEMand artist RENEE LOBUE. Dynamic music that’s creatively pure – a little poppy, a little sloppy, entirely honest and exactly what Rob wanted to make – ‘Phased Out’ is a record that somehow comes out of nowhere from an artist that has been almost everywhere.

For Munk, music was never the plan – originally an actor from the age of three, he and his brothers would commute into NYC from New Jersey for gigs to help support life with a single Mom. Beginning with commercials (including Jello pudding with BILL COSBY), Rob was cast as young WOODY ALLEN in ‘Stardust Memories’ (his brother played the same role in the Oscar-winning ‘Annie Hall’). Leaving acting for music, he formed THUDPUCKER in early 90s Boston and later TINSEL in Chapel Hill, NC, opening for Pavement, Hole, Afghan Whigs, Juliana Hatfield and Guided By Voices over the years while playing in cover bands with members of FIREHOSE and SUPERCHUNK. Both of his bands imploded of natural rock and roll causes, inspiring him to pursue his current solo music project, joined by his good friend – actor-writer DANIEL LONDON (Old Joy, Minority Report, Manhattan)