Coma Hole release new single “Wind & Bone”

In the run up to their debut EP, COMA HOLE have released their single “Wind & Bone” on all streaming platforms.

COMA HOLE are determined to make an impact with their debut EP both musically, drawing from a plethora of genres, and lyrically tackling face on darker aspects of life. The commanding drum and bass duo fuse doom, stoner and 80s/90s grunge styles in to their compelling sound.

“We are beyond stoked to be releasing our debut EP Coma Hole in late Spring of 2022. We’ve diligently worked on carving our own sound over the past three years, attempting to traverse through upbeat grooves, aggressive high-energy riffage, and incorporate some droning, heavily hypnotic melodies. The album focuses on the existential struggle of self worth, identity, and mortality, which is all woven tightly together through natural archetypes in the lyrical wordplay as well as the cover art. As only two people, we are a small band trying to craft a big sound and aspire to blend our dynamic and style seamlessly with our lyrical themes. Steve and I hope this collection of recordings hits every mark on the musical spectrum and is as enjoyable to listen to for others as it was for us to create it.”

Drawing on an internal sense of self-sabotage and struggles to overcome it, “The Familiar” is an intense track and the inspiration for the cover art. Emerging through an eerie drone soundscape, COMA HOLE creates a sense of vastness. Soaring vocals, heavy fuzz and dramatic percussion break out into a powerful groove. Driving rhythms energise “Old Climb” emphasising a sense of desperation repeating the same things over again and expecting a different result. Dark, descending riffs aptly portrays the exploration of mortality and our timely return through decay into the natural order of life in “Wind and Bone”. Stunning vocal melodies and harmonies introduce a beautiful contradiction of tones alongside the heaviness. “Sinking” brings the release almost to a cyclical end returning to ideas of isolation involved in “The Familiar”, before diverging to deliver a positive tone and sense of achievement for overcoming these harsh struggles.

COMA HOLE has produced a beautifully raw and authentic debut. The EP immerses into the very depths of the darkest emotions human beings can endure but also celebrates the strength to keep going and passage to recovery.

Eryka Fir: Vocalist/Bassist
Steven Anderson: Drummer

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