EIGHT.FOLD.PATH release a new video for “Fear”

EIGHT.FOLD.PATH have released a video for their song “Fear” which is out today. Engaging with personal struggles of anxiety, the release champions the determination to not let fear win.

“I wrote “Fear” during a period of examining my own chronic anxiety. It can feel overwhelming, as if I’m being attacked, but I’ve realized my fear is created inside my own mind, and I can choose how I deal with it: keeping it inside to fester, or letting it go. I can feel the anxious emotions and still make the choice: I Will Not Fear.”

EIGHT.FOLD.PATH grew from a desire for a creative outlet for Shannon Kerr, the face behind the project. “Fear” continues the exploration of personal vulnerabilities, and the chaotic internal life of the anxious, the depressive, the neurodiversity, that began with the 2020 EP Alien. The track is also inspired in part by the “Litany Against Fear” from Frank Herbert’s Dune (recently adapted to film). Greeted by a rush of brutal guitars driving monstrous rhythms, “Fear” envelops the senses with the manifestation of this emotion through music. Shattering the sound with intense synths produces a sensation of breaking through the harsh atmosphere, adding further dimensions to the track. Diving headfirst into depths of despair, the breakdown metaphorically takes all of the darkness and throws it into the abyss.

EIGHT.FOLD.PATH brings to life the merciless gloom that can inhibit our lives, embraces it and takes back control. Not only is the new single an epic experience of high energy, fast paced riffs and delicious distortion, it’s intense, ruthless and immensely cathartic.

Shannon Kerr – 7/8-string guitars, bass, drums, programming, production (Winston-Salem NC)

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