Finnish dark metal band Mirzadeh turns 20 and releases new material

Sauna is the anchor of Finnish culture and mind landscape. Nature, alcohol, pagan and Perkele – these are the elements that became Sauna.”
Finnish dark metal band Mirzadeh went to studio in October and they will release new EP on January 1st 2021 including five new tracks. This year the band turned 20 and that also pushed them to record new material.
Now the band has released one song from the upcoming EP. There’s also coming another single release and in total three music videos. The first video is now released.

Mirzadeh’s gloomy sound has always been insipired by Finnish culture, Kalevala and local history. And they have used both English and Finnish as the language on their lyrics.
Past days Mirzadeh has played selected gigs in Finland ans released three full length albums. Their music video “Tuonelan lasten tanssi” has gained over 270 000 views on Youtube. Their cover version of Cradle Of Filth’s “Malice through the looking glass” was released via label from US.

Fafner – drums
Lues – bass
Shagul – guitar
Mirox – vocals, guitar

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