Hungarian instrumental progressive rock band Ghost Toast released a new music video “Get Rid Of”

Hungarian instrumental progressive rock band Ghost Toast released a new music video Get Rid Of. The track is taken from their fifth studio album Shade Without Color which was released earlier this year via Inverse Records. 

Watch GET RID OF music video: https://youtu.be/WP0aTxI53B4 

The band comments: 
Get Rid Of is the opening song from the new Ghost Toast album called Shade Without Color (released on March 3rd 2022 via Inverse Records).
We believe that everyone wants to get rid of at least some of their burdens – we use music to get free from most of them and hope that others can use our music for something similar. The Woman played by Zsuzsanna Nyeste, the video is made by Tamás Varga from Brownhandfilm.

Listen to the album on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/ghost-toast-shade-without-color  
1. Get Rid Of
2. Leaders
3. Chasing Time
4. Let Me Be No Nearer
5. Acceptance
6. Deliberate Disguises
7. Reaper Man
8. Whimper
9. Rejtekből

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