In The Rosemary Dreams emerges with noise rock and critical thinking in the musicvideo for “Teleincision”

While devices and peripherals don’t always capture the real, art is the light that reveals the world. Low light over the rubble of objects as charming as they are obsolete, expressions loaded: the video for “Teleincision” has somber imagery, which suggests the aesthetics of indie-pop celebrities.

The sound of this single moves from noise rock to the striking beats and robotic riffs of industrial rock to pack a free dance. When the darkest shadows give way to the glare of the spotlight, revealing the joy of finding music that touches the soul.

The scenes build such a narrative that represents human interiority in the face of yearnings in the era of digital interactions. The reflection here is as deep as the lyrics of the song itself. With the production watered with poetry, In The Rosemary Dreams emerges with critical thinking and brilliance in the Brazilian independent rock scene.

The alternative rock trio bets on a distinct musicality, seeking inspiration from jazz, blues, surf music and even hip hop, the group carries a unique sound.

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