Ironstone, release single & official video for “Shiny Things”

Melbourne progressive metal outfit IRONSTONE release ‘Shiny Things’, their first single for 2022.
Shiny Things pushes and pulls between heavy, low tuned percussive guitars and a groovy vibe, all the while slamming down riffs, hooks, and melody galore. Exploring a somewhat quirky feel the band has managed to inject fun into an otherwise heavy, hard-hitting track. With a mix of clean and extreme vocals, catchy choruses and crushing breakdowns, Shiny Things takes the listener on quite a ride. There’s also a clear message in the lyrics about the downside of being too focused on material things and forgetting what’s really important.
Shiny Things is accompanied by a very entertaining video, where the band really allows their personality to shine through. The video tells the story of a lonely guy who’s trying to fill the void in his life by purchasing ‘stuff’ from TV infomercials. In a strange twist and ‘groundhog day’ style of repetition, he eventually discovers the thing he REALLY needs.

The band says… “We had a lot of fun writing Shiny Things and an absolute blast making the video. We’re bombarded on a daily basis with advertising and a glossed over version of reality, and it’s all too easy to become drawn in. We saw an opportunity to poke a bit of fun while still demonstrating that the things we desire don’t always bring happiness, and a shiny exterior doesn’t always mean quality within.”
Shiny Things was mixed by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios and mastered by Acle Kahney of Tesseract. It comes as a follow up to IRONSTONE’s late November release, ‘Mr. Struggle.

IRONSTONE is having a launch show for ‘Shiny Things’ on Thursday 3rd of March at Stay Gold in Melbourne. Joining them on the night are Suspyria and Nth Rd.

Dan Charlton – Lead Vocals
Edward Warren – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aidan Kalms – Rhythm Guitar
Oliver Hosking – Bass Guitar
Jackson Whyte – Drums, Vocals

IRONSTONE is a progressive metal band from Bendigo, Australia. Influenced by a range of modern metal genres, their music features a blend of clean and distorted vocals, djent-driven riffs and breakdowns, atmospheric layers, and technical rhythm. The result is a contemporary metal sound that is sophisticated, melodic, and hard-hitting.

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