Jestr release punky new single “By Design”

Louisiana-based punkish alt-rock outfit JESTR have released the latest single, “By Design” from their upcoming album The Dead & Riches. Slowing things down a bit, this track features soulful vocals and a hypnotic rhythm. Heavily inspired by the boppy alternative punk of the early 2000s, as well as the spookiness that permeates their home state of Louisiana, the track is equal parts light hearted and dark.

About the new tune, Jestr tell us, “Hey there folks, we are just tickled pink to present to you guys our newest little jingle and our first song of 2022, By Design. This song is very near and dear to our hearts as it was one of the very first songs written for Jestr and we hope it brings a smile to your face and your ears.”

Alternative hard rock quartet JESTR, will release their debut album The Dead & Riches on Feb 11th 2022. The band draws inspiration from mythology, the paranormal along with any curious manifestations or bizarre tales. Based out of Lafayette, Louisiana, JESTR was initially devised as a solo project by Brett Bradley at the end of 2019, the name JESTR comes from a strong spiritual experience Brett had. Recording for the debut album began in late 2020, with the band’s current line-up materialising in spring of 2021.

“We are absolutely overjoyed to share with you all our debut LP The Dead & Riches. This album has been one heck of an experience and we cannot wait for y’all to take the driver’s seat with this record. We hope you have as good a time listening to it as we did making it!”

Ranging from intimate vocals with acoustic guitar accompaniment, through to heavy distortion and powerful rhythms, The Dead and Riches is a dynamic album that isn’t afraid to have some fun. “Ghost of You” alludes to alt rock of the early noughties while “Birth of a Charlatan” delivers a darkly humorous impact. Throughout the record, instrumental and vocal melodies are artfully crafted into experimental harmonies and high energy levels elevate JESTR’s sound.

JESTR aren’t afraid to explore the unfavourable aspects of life, but make sure to come out the other side laughing. The energetic outfit have aptly portrayed some hauntingly dark themes with a humorous, light-hearted twist. The Dead and Riches is an unexpected and highly enjoyable album to experience.

Listen to the single “Birth of a Charlatan” here: https://jestr.bandcamp.com/track/birth-of-a-charlatan

Band Members
Brett Bradley: vocals, lead guitar.
Zack Guidry: rhythm guitar
Alex Miller: bass guitar
Austin Wood: drums/percussion.

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