Jupiter Hollow’s “Distant Shadow” Is a Breathtaking Journey Of Progressive Rock

Jupiter Hollow is rock music taken to a whole new level. Led by the fearless Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry, this powerhouse duo and live quartet featuring John-Ryan Godfrey and Nathaniel Reynolds-Welsh have been making waves in Canada since 2015 with their unique brand of progressive rock.

With thought-provoking lyrics, unique vocal melodies, harmonies, powerful guitar riffs, unyielded songwriting, and the duo’s incessant desire to bring fans on a journey, there’s always something new to explore. Thus far they have two full-length albums under their belts: 2020’s “Bereavement”, 2018’s “AHDOMN”, and have another one in the works. Working slowly and methodically, Jupiter Hollow takes their time to ensure a polished, impressive offering and will be releasing this next one, song by song. The first song is “Distant Shadow”, which they explain:

“Distant Shadow is an anthemic overture of what’s to be expected on Jupiter Hollow’s 3rd album. This song represents acceptance and the beginning of one’s process of finding happiness. Sometimes, the negative habits of individuals go unnoticed to themselves. These behaviors cause complications in one’s relationships, professional endeavors, and physical and mental health. Recognizing that it is you that brings on your own winter is the most crucial first step in changing one’s life for the better. From here we can pick apart the aspects of what makes this negative landscape and learn to fight the negative environment that it propagates.”

Jupiter Hollow’s approach is deliberate so that each track can be digested separately and then consumed as a cohesive piece in the future, designed to maximize activity and continuously give listeners a small piece of the puzzle to look forward to instead of waiting to see the entire finished picture at once. According to them, as a relatively unknown band, it’s more beneficial to create a trail of treats to follow to the final prize instead of overwhelming everyone with a dense meal like the “Ahdomn”-“Bereavement” saga.

Relentless, explorative, and intriguing, Jupiter Hollow continues to push the limits of progressive rock and is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Lamb of God.

Watch and listen to “Distant Shadow” via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

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