Kenny Dubman releases official music video for “Modern Day Jesus”

New Jersey based heavy rock artist KENNY DUBMAN has released the official music video for “Modern Day Jesus.” The second single off of his upcoming album, Conflicted, “Modern Day Jesus” reflects on the overwhelming pain and suffering that plague our society.

“’Modern Day Jesus’ poses the question….what if Jesus was actually a random person that walked among us…and his purpose on earth was to simply to absorb as much of mankind’s ills as possible, to keep us from going over the edge as a species…but there’s just so much of it, that even HE is getting overwhelmed? The answer might just be to do better as human beings.” – KENNY DUBMAN

“Conflicted is really an album of observations of human nature and behavior…every single track is about things that people do, and the impact these things have on both themselves and others in their sphere. Human emotion drives human behavior, which ultimately shapes our worlds, for better or worse. Every single person is conflicted, in one way or another, at some point in their lives.” – KENNY DUBMAN

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