Negative 13, album “Mourning Asteri” available in streaming now

Post-punk sludge lords NEGATIVE 13 have joined forces with DeadRhetoric.com for the exclusive premiere of the band’s newest album, Mourning Asteri. The album marks NEGATIVE 13’s first release in nearly 20 years. Guitarist Edward Banchs comments, “We are more than happy and relieved to finally get this album out into the world. It took us the better part of 2021 to write it after 12 years of not playing together. So this is quite the exhale. It’s a great representation of who we were, who we are now, and where we want to go musically. Lyrically, this album comes from a dark place of loss, mourning and the feeling that happens when we have to let go though we know all we want to do is hang on.”Vocalist/lyricist Scott Fisher also chimed in on this long-awaited release, “This album should be used as a pain reliever. Darkness brought to light. Channeling loss, love and redemption. Art created heals all wounds.
“Stream Mourning Asteri now at this location
Mourning Asteri will be released on digital, CD, cassette, and vinyl formats on July 8. Order the album now at negative13.bandcamp.com
Select tracks are also streaming now on Spotify.

1) My Scars Are Showing Again
2) Never Ending Exit Wound
3) Pain Prism
4) Mourning Asteri
5) Crack the Code
6) The Key and the Coat
7) Parahell
8) Villian

Formed in 1999, the Pittsburgh, PA quartet, NEGATIVE 13 (once known as Negative Theory), has continued to have a bit of an identity crisis. Describing their sound as post-punk infested stoner/sludge/doomcore, NEGATIVE 13 carries a curiosity that has allowed the band to reform after a hiatus with a wide-open palette of taste that reflects their artistic vision: interpret their brand of heavy metal however it is they feel fit.  Originally disbanding in 2003 after releasing their self-titled debut, the members never stopped communicating the idea of returning to the stage after going their separate ways—reuniting, however, for several shows in 2008 and 2009. After years apart, 2021 proved to be the year that things fell back into place for NEGATIVE 13, with original members drummer Chip Reynolds, vocalist Scott Fisher, and guitarist Edward Banchs reforming with the intention of fulfilling their original vision—writing albums that would leave a footprint in the metal world. With the 2021 addition of bassist Mary Bielich, the band worked on completing their second album, Mourning Asteri, in late 2021, further elevating their sound to new heights.

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