Or – Owls & Aliens release new single/video, “You Can’t Save Everyone”

The strength found in a band determined to succeed can be found in the situations and times they might find themselves facing. Owls & Aliens new single “You Can’t Save Everyone” hits the mark on all points. As the day approached to film the music video for this single a life-altering event pulled the band even closer together and in the realm of musicianship brotherhood you sense this combination is not only in their music but also in this video.

“This song hits us heavy in our hearts as we shot this music video the day after our drummer’s mom was diagnosed with advanced Stage IV cancer and on that actual day she had emergency surgery to save her life. We almost didn’t shoot the video, but mom was adamant that we do it while we had the opportunity. Shortly thereafter, Dustin’s father was also diagnosed with cancer. This song is dedicated to both of them and everyone else battling cancer and goes out to anyone that understands the hopeless feeling of not being able to save someone you love.” – Owls & Aliens

Owls & Aliens is uniquely constructed of 5 completely different musicians, separated by 12 years of age, and eternally connected by their mutual love for writing honest, authentic music. The band’s sound is an amalgamation of various rock and metal styles, blending genres from past till present. Their inability to comply with one particular style creates organic songs that are like nothing you’ve heard before.

Ultimately seeking solace from their rural lives in Southern Oregon, O&A is comprised of Dustin Cater (clean/unclean vocals), Travis Siebecke (rhythm guitar, clean vocals), Jeffry Martinez (lead guitar, backup vocals), Nicholi Ohbronovich (bass, unclean vocals), and Dakotah Webb (drums, backup vocals). All 5 members come from diverse musical backgrounds that create each of their individual styles, with varying levels of previous experience. Although different in style, each member has dealt with harsh upbringings, addiction, mental illness, homelessness, etc. that is apparent in their playing because of their own personal understandings of these topics.

Riddled with untapped potential, O&A released their first single “Mercy” in May 2020. The song was recorded with Sean Stack of Fat Cat Recordings Studios in Sacramento, CA, where the band managed to get half of their debut album recorded before COVID-19 restrictions shut down the studio. O&A is excited to finish recording their debut album, with hopes of their first full body of work to be released by the end of 2021. Alongside their next single release, Owls & Aliens will release their first official music video for the upcoming single “You Can’t Save Everyone”, a heart-wrenching track bound to captivate audiences far and wide.

Being from a small, isolated town in the middle of the high desert has not held back Owls & Aliens eagerness to perform for live audiences. Prior to the global pandemic shutdown in 2020, Owls & Aliens spent 8 months playing dozens of live gigs with local bands & touring acts. As innovative as they are determined, the band put on plenty of shows for music fans right in their own home by hosting performances with other bands in Dustin’s infamous garage. Owls & Aliens is thrilled to begin playing more shows in 2021 moving into the new year.

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