Ovtlier Keep It Heavy With New Single “Nemesis”

Striking while the iron is hot, New York rock and metal band Ovtlier has decided to release another hard-hitting track, “Nemesis”, just one month after seeing success with their previous single “Blame The Dead”. Showing the versatility of the band, the recent shift into a heavier sound with a more aggressive dynamic shows listeners what has always been up Ovtlier’s sleeve, just waiting to be unleashed.
Upon the release of “Blame The Dead”, the track was immediately well received and added to SiriusXM Octane’s Test Drive. Ovtlier decided to keep the aggression coming with in-your-face screams, hard-hitting drum beats and searing guitar work. “Nemesis” displays different vocal styles and plays on the vast amount of musical influences Ovtlier draws their hybrid-like sound from.
Founder and vocalist of Ovtlier, Joey Arena, elaborates on the new found aggression heard in the latest Ovtlier tracks: An out-the-gate hard hitting and aggressive track to compliment our most recent releases. We’ve all encountered narcissistic individuals who hide behind a mask. There are many snakes out there, ones who try to get close, only to gather intel and use it against you. I pride myself on keeping it truthful and transparent with everyone I meet and that will get you both loved and hated. The best part is I believe in healthy boundaries and it usually weeds out those who are not good company. I live my life by ‘do no harm, take no shit’; If I don’t like you, you’ll know it. “Nemesis”, it’s in the name”.
“Nemesis” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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