Oxytoxin release new single “Disorder”

OXYTOXIN are offering up another taste of their upcoming album, Don’t Lose Your Head, with new single “Disorder”. You can stream the new track HERE

The band comments on the new single: “Disorder is all about deep issues in society around law enforcement and the blatant illusion of control. We say that prisons help rehabilitate when in reality we’ve moved onto to a new form of slavery that sees men without means fall prey to a system of illogical chaos. The end goal is no longer to help humans unfortunately.”

Don’t Lose Your Head is the vivacious debut album from the alternative metal quartet OXYTOXIN. Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, OXYTOXIN take influence from the likes of TOOL, DEFTONES, RUSH, and BLACK SABBATH to name a few, and concoct their own distinctive edge. 

“Our album explores some darker themes of drug abuse, self worth, and societal control from a perspective that’s high energy, and straightforward with no apologies. We don’t take our selves too seriously. That being said we like to think we sprinkle in a little wisdom.” 

Drawing from an array of styles across the metal and alternative genres, OXYTOXIN take influence from the likes of TOOL, DEFTONES, RUSH, BLACK SABBATH to name a few. Unleashing a thrilling onslaught of heavily distorted guitars, blues tones and groove rhythms, “Oxytoxin” is a dynamic track that artfully plays with instrumental layering. A dark verse contrasts with the intense chorus to deliver a huge impact, and intricate guitar melodies add further dimension to the sound ahead of the bridge. OXYTOXIN manifest a haunting sound that combines high energy with an eerie edge. 

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